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EDCOM HQ is a virtual community platform created to establish a coalition of people of color, change agents, advocates, and community stakeholders; directly or indirectly involved in the educational process; Creating a forum for the exchange of ideas and strategies to improve educational opportunities for students of color; Identifying and developing professionals of color who will assume leadership positions in educational spaces and to influence public policy concerning the education of students of color.


The purpose of this acknowledgement is to ensure that our Community Partners represent their local ecosystem in the global EDCOM HQ community, while helping local organizations advance their personal business goals and delivering the established values and methods EDCOM HQ stands for.

This acknowledgement is made in order to: 

Users of EDCOM HQ

There are two different types of EDCOM HQ users which these terms apply to:

In these terms, unless specified otherwise you are a “User” or “EDCOM HQ User”.

Our role

Events are organised and administered by the Community Partner, not us. We are a third party providing the platform for an Event to take place. We are not responsible and cannot be held liable:


Community Partner Responsibilities 

The Community Partner has full control over the running of any Event. This includes control over any Users, when Events are created and how they are configured, and what functionality and third-party integrations are activated for use at each Event. The Community Partner may prohibit or withdraw access to Events and/or EDCOM HQ to any User at any time. It is solely the Community Partners responsibility to:

Right to Use EDCOM HQ

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Acceptable use restrictions

You must:

When we can end your access and/or your right to use EDCOM HQ.

We can terminate users access and/or your right to access or use EDCOM HQ at any time, without notice, including where we reasonably consider that:

If we end your right to use EDCOM HQ

Community Organizers Financial Matters 

Usage of EDCOM HQ platform services are FREE outside of access to our job board applicants. The only payment that will be rendered is for the usage of our platform for paid events.