P.U.S.H. - “Loving On Yourself” - Empowered Women's Week

Jun 1 - 7, 10:00 AM (EDT)

About this event

Hosted On Weekdays: 

June 1 - June 4 @ 10am-1pm ET and 5pm-8pm ET

June 7 @ 10am-1pm ET and 5pm-8pm ET

This is a virtual conference designed to empower women of all shapes and walks of life! Through dynamic programming, this week-long event will include a host of workshops and trainings from nutrition, to health, to business growth. Registrants will leave the conference empowered and with a T-Shirt to remind them of their strength!

This event is hosted by LaTrell Fitchett, owner of Promoting Love & Wisdom Home Childcare Center and Promoting Universal STEM Hub, or P.U.S.H. Academy Summer Camp. Her goal for the event is to raise funds for domestic violence survivors (through Promoting SueB’s Domestic Violence Relief) and to provide resources for kids participating in her childcare and summer camp programs. 

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Free T-Shirt (for Regular Admission Ticket Holders)


  • LaTrell Fitchett

    LaTrell Fitchett

    Promoting Love & Wisdom Home Childcare Center

    CEO & Founder

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