INNOPOWER Minority Business Week 2021

Jun 14 - 18, 9:00 AM (EDT)

About this event

InnoPower, LLC and Recorder Media Group will host the 2021 edition of their annual conference on June 14-18. The expanded InnoPower Minority Business Week will feature five days of in-person and virtual programming that aim to address the societal and economic gaps COVID-19 amplified.

“We launched InnoPower in 2019 to leverage the power of innovation to elevate minority communities,” said Emil Ekiyor, founder and CEO of InnoPower LLC. “A recent survey by SecondMuse found that non-white entrepreneurs were twice as likely as whites to describe the economy as “unfair” and even “racist.” Our current economic system was not really created for Black and Brown entrepreneurs, but the rapid growth of this conference has proved that many people of color are yearning for a shared platform to support others.”

“Something this significant hasn’t been done in Indiana during the time that I’ve been here,” added Robert Shegog, President and CEO of Recorder Media Group. “Everything the Recorder is doing with InnoPower is important to help move our city and state from where they are now to where they need to be. Too many minority and Black-owned businesses closed during COVID-19 that won’t be reopening. We have to find ways to support those that were negatively affected, but also to come together in June to help figure out a better way forward.”

Rupal Thanawala, managing director at Trident Systems, will once again serve as event chair for InnoPower. “The potential of minority entrepreneurs and professionals has been underutilized for far too long, she said. “Over the years, we have really underestimated and overlooked the talent of our minority communities, but we have to give them the right platform. InnoPower’s conference helps give them an opportunity to thrive and unleash their potential. And we really want to stretch our arms open to everyone. Our team’s desire is to uplift each and every community that has not been given the opportunities they deserve.”

Indiana Minority Business Week will focus on four pillars:


The education system is ripe for disruption and innovation. To increase the achievement levels of minority and low-income students, InnoPower will focus on elevating standards and supporting visionary school leaders.


Business ownership is the key to economic growth for global and local economies, yet too many people still face significant, systemic barriers to entrepreneurial opportunity. In a time of changing demographics in the United States, local entrepreneurship ecosystems should mirror the diversity in the communities that foster them.

Workforce Development

The nature of work is transforming rapidly in our ever-changing world. As community leaders and organizations choose the path forward, it is imperative they rethink deeply held orthodoxies in order to shape a more inclusive future of work. Generating innovative pathways to employment for marginalized populations has never been more critically needed by so many.

Going Global

The old narrative of an Africa disconnected from the global economy is fading. A wave of transformation driven by business and modernization is thrusting the continent from the world's margins to the global mainstream. InnoPower is building a stronger pipeline of access to Africa's talent and solutions.

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