Progressive Power Summit

Oct 1 - 3, 2021, 12:00 PM (EDT)

2021 Member Summit

About this event

The MoveOn Progressive Power Summit is a three-day, virtual convening of MoveOn members and friends from across the country who are dedicated to seizing the historic political moment presented by our new Democratic majority to build power for our communities and collectively advance the fight for justice. 

The summit will focus on three areas:

Attendees will work together to develop strategy and share skills and experiences that will set us up to achieve bold change and expand our governing majorities in 2022. We’ll be joined by electric and inspiring trainers, guest speakers, elected officials, volunteers, performers, and MoveOn members like you!

This is a time to gather and learn more about MoveOn’s strategic vision and develop skills to fight for a better society, a more inclusive future, and a world marked by equity, sustainability, justice, and love.

​​The Progressive Power Summit is a three-day experience with sessions that will be a hybrid of open conversations and enlightening trainings from MoveOn partners and staff members. Session topics will include issue organizing, electoral organizing, relational organizing, digital organizing, and more.

Join us for a weekend filled with skill-building, fun activities, free swag, the latest political updates, and clear next steps to create meaningful change locally, nationally and abroad!

Check back here for more information about sessions and speakers.

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